Let's Notate!

  • Text powered videos? Check!
  • Text powered images? Check!
  • Text powered text? Check!
  • Text powered notations? ... Why not?

Letsnotate allows you to create staff notations using nothing more than text! No more fiddling with hundreds of icons! No more scratching your head about how to do common tasks. Now you can create notations just like you would create a document. Sounds cool? Check out the samples below:

  1. Basics
  2. Handling errors
  3. Multiple staves
  4. Changing octaves
  5. MIDI playback
  6. Accidentals and key signatures
  7. Dots, ties and beams
  8. Triplets
  9. Aligning lyrics
  10. All together!
  11. Including parts
  12. A full song!
  13. Loops and variables (TBD)